Pre-loading Condition

The staff of Circle Freight Int’l Ltd has a longstanding tradition with handling the problem of substandard TRUCK/REEFER used for the carriage of bagged and/or dry bulk cargoes, or other commodities such as steel. End of the nineties, the staff of Circle Freight Int’l Ltd developed a specific survey program for that specific problem, called the Circle Freight Int’l Ltd PRE-LOADING CONDITION SURVEY OF TRUCK/REEFER, taking into account all relevant worries of cargo underwriters involved (to be sure that the TRUCK/REEFER is fully fit and suitable to load the intended cargo), and also taking into account the worries of the traders who want the TRUCK/REEFER to start loading within a reasonable time after arrival of the TRUCK/REEFER.

In our pre-loading condition survey, the emphasis is placed on the cargo-worthiness of the TRUCK/REEFER, which is the most important item to avoid any cargo damage. In addition, the emphasis is placed on successful testing of the important cargo worthiness items before loading could start (instead of visual inspection only). In case defects are found, loading is not started, and the Master is advised to carry out the necessary repairs, after which these repairs are tested and approved or not.

The whole pre-loading condition survey program is clearly described, explained in various documents i.e. a standard report form, instructions to surveyors, instructions to TRUCK/REEFER, etc. This documentation ensures that, in whatever country the survey is done, it is done in a uniform way, with the same high quality standards. Reporting / communication is done quickly by e-mail and mobile phones, so that everybody is fully aware about the actual situation, almost in real time. Organization of the survey, plus follow-up, reporting, etc., is done on a 24/24 hours basis from inside the South Sudan Liaison Office, ensuring that, notwithstanding the different countries involved and the time differences, the survey is done according to the one and same Circle Freight Int’l Ltd quality standard.

The above program started already end of the nineties. Now we are almost on a daily basis performing such surveys in East Africa , South Sudan and Sudan, with our network of correspondent surveyors, who are fully familiar with our specific approach.

Our present clients for this service are international underwriters, insurance brokers and/or companies/traders. These companies can all ensure to you that the Circle Freight Int’l Ltd -preloading-condition-survey program is properly operating and gives you a high assurance that the TRUCK/REEFER is fully fit and suitable to load the intended cargo, as such minimizing the risk on any cargo damage. Many of these companies saw their loss ratio considerably reducing after putting our program into place. Their traders can also ensure you that we do not obstruct them from doing their business.

Call us and you will see how much your business benefits from our approach.