Consolidation shipments also referred to as groupage cargo is a special type of logistics, where different consignees or customers with cargo in small batches/volumes/weights bring all their cargo together to be delivered by one transport mode or agent at a specified route and on the systematic basis- mostly in a containerized form. The agent in this case acts on behalf of all suppliers and as the owner of all the cargo.

At Circle Freight Int’l Ltd, we understand the needs of our clients, at any given time it is always our pleasure to match these needs of the clients and their costs. We ship all volume/weights of cargo on behalf of our clients- our consolidation service comes in handy during such times.

Over the years we have obtained exclusive experience in the area of groupage cargo transportation and together with our experienced networks and affiliates, we are always on the standby to provide any information required to move your cargo from the supplier to your door at destination.

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