Fruit & Perishables

Circle Freight Int’l Ltd is an internationally focused survey company based in South Sudan. Our staff is specialized in the inspection and survey work of all kinds of fruits and perishables. We daily carry out fruit inspections for a large number of exporters, importers and cargo underwriters all over the world. Our team of quality inspectors and fruit surveyors have a broad knowledge in the fruit inspection business. They are all aware of the fact that cargo buyers / sellers need to receive the necessary information, such as general quality, packing, storage and transport conditions and facilities, within a short period of time.

As Circle Freight Int’l Ltd is based in South Sudan, our own staff is able to conduct quality inspections in the main East African ports. We have our own standardized reporting system or, if requested, a specific report form is drawn up in consultation with our clients.

Since Circle Freight Int’l Ltd has agencies all over East Africa and in the rest of the world, we guarantee that experienced surveyors can organize and attend surveys within the shortest possible time period.

Our main operations in the international trade of fruit and perishable business can be summarized as follows:


Condition surveys on reefer vessels
Pre-discharge surveys
Damage surveys
Quality control
Inspection of containerized cargo
Circle Freight Int’l Ltd Fruit Team:
Bol Jok – Manager Marine Department
–International Fruit Desk